• To install pinax-ratings:

    pip install pinax-ratings
  • Add pinax-ratings to your INSTALLED_APPS setting:

        # other apps
  • See the list of Settings to modify pinax-ratings’s default behavior and make adjustments for your website.

  • Lastly you will want to add pinax-ratings.urls to your urls definition:

    url(r"^ratings/", include("pinax.ratings.urls")),
  • Optionally, if want to use the ratings category feature of pinax-ratings then you will need to add the pinax-RATINGS_CATEGORY_CHOICES setting in your

        "app.Model": {
            "exposure": "How good is the exposure?",
            "framing": "How well was the photo framed?",
            "saturation": "How would you rate the saturation?"
        "app.Model2": {
            "grammar": "Good grammar?",
            "complete": "Is the story complete?",
            "compelling": "Is the article compelling?"